Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Give and/or Slap

I need someone to explain to me how HRC can be losing and presumptive at the same time. I think that it is safe to assume that if the situation between Senators Obama and Clinton were reversed, then Senator Clinton would be laughing heartily at the audacity of the suggestion. It all makes me wonder what the Clintons have up their sleeves.

And before I forget, someone needs to buy Geraldine Ferraro a clue or two. Her comments reflect madness. Check out this Michelle "Malkin Award Nominee" on Andrew Sullivan's blog here. Let me add the comments of a friend of a friend, Susan Rice, an advisor to Sen. Obama. She hits the nail on the head. Go Susan!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

What Happens to a Dream Deferred (for now)?

For the first time, I am glad that I was too ill (a severe cold) to remain awake to hear the news. Andrew Sullivan said it better than I can, now that I've awakened to a rather stark reality. I will explain more when I am actually feeling better.