Thursday, January 31, 2008

Hulk Hogan's America

When John Edwards decided to withdraw from this contest, my first thought was where will the white guys go. Is it possible that the endorsement of Hulk Hogan could prove to be of use to the Obama campaign? My biggest concern is that the prototypical working class white guy will simply not abide a character like Barack Obama, regardless of what Obama may have to say. Actually, I am afraid that that particular constituent group will play its own version of the race card (a phrase that I loathe with a passion), and simply look to anyone but the black guy. Hogan might be a trump to that play. I can only hope.

Monday, January 28, 2008

New Orleans

I just got back from a trip to New Orleans for work. It is nothing short of a national crime to see NOLA in that state. I cannot imagine another community suffering from that level of neglect from our national government. But I will give the people of NOLA credit for having the pluck to keep going. The short attention span of the average American is on full display, when it comes to that city. I am glad to go there, help out and spend both money and time. I never saw NOLA before the storm, so I have no nostalgic longings when I visit. NOLA still needs our help.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Angry Black? Mystical Black?

When can a black man get angry? What will it cost him when he does? While I was reading this post on Andrew Sullivan's blog, these questions immediately came to my mind. I wonder what would have happened if Clinton's tearful moment had come after a particularly angry swipe from Obama. How would the media have reacted? It is an interesting question, especially since the media have been working hard (and he has not really been challenging them on it) to fashion Obama into a version of Hollywood's infamous "Mystical Black Person." You know that old character who is there to help white people through their trials and tribulations. The filmography is legend: "Gone With the Wind," "To Kill a Mockingbird," "The Green Mile," "Ghost," "The Legend of Bagger Vance."

Obama has been hyped in a similar fashion. And if it gets him into the White House, I am alright with that. But, I go back to my original questions (modified). When can Obama get angry? What will it cost Obama when he does?

It is conventional wisdom (if one really can call it wisdom) that the majority of Americans like nothing less than an inappropriately angry black man (remember we still don't have a clear defintion on the appropriate). Obama will have to fight back the all out assault that is being waged by the Clinton campaign, and its supporters. And he might even be a little angry when he does. I just want to see if Obama (by way of the media) transmogrifies from the "Mystical Obama" into the "Angry Obama," and monitor the impact of the change.

Saturday, January 12, 2008


Okay, I am done. Janet has finally come back with a truly hot song. I just can't get it out of my head. She makes me feel emboldened about the 40-somethings (though I haven't crossed that plane just yet). "Crank it up. Give it to me. Come on. I'm gonna feedback."

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I Didn't See Any of This Coming

I am sorry that Obama did not win New Hampshire. And, I wasn't really surprised by the loss. I think that it is good that Obama has not replaced Clinton as the "anointed" candidate; it can make one complacent. Complacency leads to mistakes, silly ones. I want Obama to have as few mistakes as humanly possible in this campaign.

What I didn't see coming was my utter lack of enthusiasm for Clinton. I am absolutely uninterested in her candidacy. The "victory" speech last night was as inspiring as drying paint. I turned off the radio as soon as it was done. I became angry. I was angry, because it felt as though possibility was slipping off its axis.

Though he has been accused of speaking in nothing more than mere platitudes, Obama makes me feel proud to be an American. He can articulate the power that comes from following paths that our fore bearers laid out, paths that led to an expansion of the democratic ideals of this nation to all who were here. Obama makes me feel hopeful for the future, and he helps me to see the possibilities for this nation.

This is the first time that I have been inspired by a candidate (any candidate). I want Obama to win, not simply to block any of these Republicans from getting into the White House, but because I really have come to believe that our nation needs an adult like him in the White House. Now, it would not be a surprise if the rest of the nation was not ready for someone like Obama. Our immediate (and soon to be in one case) past Presidents reflect that lack of readiness.

I know that if Obama won, our image in the world would be revolutionized in so many respects. He is the combination of multi-generational America and the immigrant dream. Obama is both of the nation and of the world. I could go on. The bottom line is that I am convinced, more than ever, that Obama is the right person to lead this nation out of the long cold winter of discontent. Mind you, Obama is no savior, and it is incorrect to try to label him as such. But, Obama is an adult who will handle the affairs of this nation with the patience and the prudence of an adult. It's about time.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Michelle Obama

I have been catching up on my news (I took a brief break for the holidays), and while scanning through Andrew Sullivan's blog (I have read it for the last several years), I read a post about Michelle Obama.

As I have said in this blog, I moved toward supporting Obama because of his wife. I am beyond comfortable with the notion of Michelle Obama being the First Lady. I watched her speak in Washington during this summer at a Women for Obama event, and I was more than impressed. Actually, I was excited by the end of the event. I felt that the $250 I spent (which was really to help a buddy of mine who purchased a table at the event) was well worth the price.

Sullivan, who I have to admit has posted things in the past that makes me feel like he needs a solid course in African American history (as well as African American GLBT history), hits the nail on the head with his comments concerning the weapon that is Michelle Obama. Take a look.