Wednesday, September 26, 2007

An Iran without Gays

Only in the mind of someone whose chair is not quite under the table would come the pronouncement that there are no gays in Iran. As I am sure many others have surmised, it is only because Ahmadinejad's regime has made every effort to kill each alleged gay person it can find. If revolution ever comes to Iran again, I hope that the Iranian gay community will be leading the charge.


BiblioDiva said...

His follow up comment the next day to a reporter was, Please provide me with the addresses of gays in Iran so that I can follow up with them.

I heard that and thought, "yeah...right."

hscfree said...

I know, right.

Anonymous said...

Stand up guy he is. Not sure why the US allows him to speak anywhere but the UN. Pitty no one asked him why Iranian Qud's members (secret service) had been tried and convicted of killing an Iranian refugee in NYC a couple of years ago. Who ordered that if it wasn't him? Biggie