Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Musical Muses--Just for Theo

There are four female artists whose music/lyrics represent aspects of my personality. They are Sade Adu, Suzanne Vega, Bjork and Erykah Badu.

I wrote a post earlier about my love for Sade. I see her as the epitome of sophistication. She is completely and totally cool. From her carriage, to her delivery of her songs, there is a sensuality and sense of comfort with her being that I would love to emulate in my life. So, Sade represents a way I would like to present myself to the world.

Suzanne Vega, in many ways, represents my intellectual perspective. Vega's lyrics can be extremely personal and introspective, and I can appreciate that. In a previous post, I noted that I also associate Vega with autumn (my favorite season). She comes across as crisp in her poetry (wrapped in music), cool in her musical delivery, and colorful in the images that she creates with her words.

There is no other way to describe what I feel Bjork represents in me: whimsy. Bluntly put, Bjork is out there, and I love her for it. I can think of few musical artists who push themselves to their artistic limits so consistantly, outside of the world of jazz. Each solo album is like a journey into Bjork's mind. There is an openness and honesty about who she is and what she presents to the world that I would like to emulate.

Erykah Badu reminds me of how cool it is to be a part of African American culture. Of the four muses, Badu is closest to me in age, so I feel like we have many shared cultural experiences. I love the music that surrounds her voice throughout her albums. I love the distinctly African American cultural sensability that resonates in her lyrics. Her music is simply affirming, and she represents my pride in who I am as an African American (multi-generational).

I listen to the music of each of these ladies on a regular basis, and often my mood will dictate which lady I choose hear. Mind you, I have other musicians and bands that I like (Dave Matthews Band, R.E.M, Loose Ends, Mos Def, U2, Coldplay, Floetry, Harry Connick, Jr., 10,000 Maniacs, Wynton Marsalis, A Tribe Called Quest, The Roots, Cassandra Wilson, Eurythmics, Scritti Politti, and many others). However, these four ladies stand out, and I love them for it.


BiblioDiva said...

How much do I love that you mentioned Scritti Politti? I might have to wander over to iTunes and see if they're available for downloading.

hscfree said...

I remember walking into my Physics class and announcing to all who could hear me that I'd "discovered" a new hot group while watching MTV (you know, back when they actually played music videos). It was obvious that "Perfect Way" was going to be a hit. And if you recall the video (YouTube is often a handy source), you will understand why I felt the need to fasten the top button of my shirt (just like Green Gartside).

Chris said...

Love Suzanne Vega... but then, you know that. We'll have to have some better intel on her next visit to town - she is so worth it.

Don't know if you've ever given Tori Amos a good listening, but she is right up there too. She's a bit tougher than Suzanne - none of her music really works as background noise - it demands attention, and usually provokes a wide array of emotions...