Monday, August 24, 2009

Boycotting the Whole Paycheck? II

I received a note from the author of the blog "Bloggasm" letting me know that he'd had an opportunity to interview some of the primary organizers of the national boycott. It's definitely an article that I would recommend folks checking out, particularly with regard to how the use of social networks is really helping to connect those who intend to boycott the "Paycheck."

I found out that there was a protest at the P Street Whole Foods on the 21st. The Washington City Paper was there to cover the event. Check out this link (which includes video). Local GOP supporters of Mackey's point of view came out this past weekend to represent.

I wonder if there was any real effect on sales at the P Street location?

Hat tip to Simon at Bloggasm


Anonymous said...

Lately the successive postings on various aspects of health-care-reform are giving this blog some good continuity, I think.

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