Monday, December 13, 2010

Shocking News: A Conservative Virginia Judge Sides with the Conservative Virginia AG on the New Health Insurance Reform (and I Kind of Agree)

In something that was hardly a surprise to anyone in Virginia, a conservative judge provided the conservative Virginia Attorney General with a ruling against the Democratic health care law's mandate for individuals to purchase private health insurance.  Frankly, it's strange to see a Republican push so hard to prevent an industry from getting millions of new customers (these are strange times, but we are talking about a way to "defeat" President Obama).  However, I am not bothered by the decision at this point in time.  I say that because, I was always a little uncomfortable with the notion of being required to purchase private health insurance.

Yep, I said it.  The ruling today focused on the key aspect of the health insurance reform law that made me the most uncomfortable personally.  Now, before anyone gets excited, I would rather have a wider variety of options than private health insurance.  What if I liked what Medicare has to offer?  Perhaps I might like Medicaid, but make too much money to qualify currently?  I admit fully that I would rather see this country provide universal health care in the manner of Canada or perhaps expand (in an efficient manner, if that is possible anymore in this country) on our existing hybrid system of public and private health insurance, so that every American has a real choice in the matter.

Meanwhile, I've been trying to find information regarding the GOP alternative to President Clinton's health care proposals, and, so far, one thing that I have found through a quick Internet search (here) likens the Obama plan to that '93 GOP alternative, though it isn't a one to one match.  And I found an old article from the American Prospect that talks a little about that alternative plan, though the article itself is primarily a summary of what happened to the Clinton health insurance reform effort.  I raise these points to show that the idea that the Obama reforms are socialism, fascism, is bullshit. 

I am confident the Virginia Attorney General doesn't give a rat's ass about people like me who don't have health insurance; this is about Obama.  But, I will be interested to see where these court cases will lead as we move toward 2014, when the mandate goes into effect.

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