Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Conservative Leader's Argument for Marriage Equality

Of course, I am not talking about an American "conservative."  This post is about the current Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and his strengthened support for marriage equality (h/t:  Towleroad) in the UK.  I don't expect a similar announcement from the leader of the United States.

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Anonymous said...

Our conservative "leaders" includes a Speaker of the House who is dutifully throwing money, in increasing amounts, at hiring private law firms to defend DOMA. This is all taxpayer money of course, but he's too slippery to be pinned down as to where specifically the funds are coming from.

Mr. Boehner entered into the public conciousness with a tear streaked face, and one had to wonder if a sensitive man didn't ascend amongst those insensitive to the non-white, the non-wealthy, the non-gainfully employed, and the non-heterosexual citizens of our country.

Alas, the tears dried, time moved on, and a perma-smirk revealed itself.

What we have in the number three position is a man who consistently demonstrates his chief asset to be slickness (for reference, he is squarely between snake oil and bus station chili).

Like those who were against every other social equality issue, he will sandbag, stonewall, and obstruct, because the "Not on my watch!" righteousness trumps reason, compassion, and fairness.

Meanwhile, liberal or conservative, the U.K. has a genuine statesman who sees the humanity through any idealogical lense, and speaks to the all to join him on the inclusive high ground.

Meanwhile, the U.S. is left to the petty, condescending, fear-mongerers (never mind the tacit assist from a nearly 50 year-old leader who can't quite figure out his view on gay marriage), to maintain a disadvantageous segregation of those different from themselves.

We need a statesman, or stateswoman. I'm just sayin'...