Thursday, February 20, 2014

Will Being Gay in Uganda Lead to Execution or Imprisonment? XV

My last post about this subject is dated August 17, 2012.  So, it appears that on this day in February 2014 that Uganda has decided that being a sexually active gay/lesbian person should earn that person life imprisonment, and that that should be the law of the land there.  I cannot imagine being G,L,B or T Ugandan.  I am glad that the Obama administration has spoken out against this move, and I will be interested to see if Canada follows through on limiting its ties to Uganda, now that this bill appears to have been signed.  I hope that GLBT friendly governments will offer immediate asylum to those in Uganda who will need it.

UPDATE:  2.21.14
So, President Museveni has delayed signing that odious bill.  I hope he uses his time wisely, and decides to veto this madness.

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