Saturday, November 7, 2009

Wanna Know What Happens When Crazy Meets Silly?

I just finished reading Sam Stein's post on Thursday's rally on the U.S Capitol grounds. I'd considered going down there myself, but I suspect my laughter would have given away my position. Lately, I haven't been sure whether I should laugh or shake my head at the open ignorance of what these tea party types espouse.

I certainly would not be surprised if many within that lot would go all Malcolm X on us to get Obama out of the White House. Meanwhile, watching House Republicans spew their sham patriotism was sickening, especially, as Rachel Maddow showed, when a couple of them didn't seem to know basics things related to American civics:

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Maddow even provides a correction to the above segment that includes the perfect "School House Rock" reference and video:

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So what happens when crazy meets silly? You end up with what we have witnessed coming from the GOP. These people have offered painfully little to the broader health insurance reform debate that is substantive. And even when the little substance that they have offered is considered, say tort reform for example, we already know that Republicans on the Hill have no intention of supporting any bill that is not their own.

You also end up with these people protesting here in Washington who seek only to complain about being pissed that Obama and Democrats won last year's election. You end up with people who most likely could not tell you the distinctions among fascism, communism and socialism, because they are on the ready to invoke Hilter and or Mao, for whom I am sure they know just as much. It's pitiful to watch.

As I've said in my various posts on health insurance reform, there are plenty of areas where critiques of the Democratic plans could be beneficial, where substantive debate could help to craft stronger health insurance reform that would benefit the overwhelming majority of Americans. The GOP and these tea party people are not interested in substance or debate, and they should recognize how far off of the cliff they've fallen, because these folks are following the lead of the queen of crazy herself, Michele Bachmann. That more than anything says oh so much.

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