Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Thanks for the Good Times, Heavy D

I was really sorry to hear about the passing of Dwight Myers, better known to hip hop fans as Heavy D.  I always feel a bit uncomfortable when someone near my age passes away, and Heavy D was only 44.  Rod 2.0 has a very nice write up of Heavy D, that folks should check out.  Heavy D is the second musician I really liked during my younger days who has passed away in recent weeks (Vesta Williams is the other musician who passed away).  I want to thank Heavy D for bringing his brand to the rap game, and he represented for the big boys in the world (and he could dance with the best of them).  Whether he was getting folks on the floor to join the party, or rapping about the desire for love, Heavy D (and his Boyz) definitely made his mark as hip hop rose to prominence.  I want to thank him for the music he made, and may he rest in peace.


DarKScoRpioN said...

RIP Heavy D. You will be missed. Read more about Heavy D's death here.


Ali Zeeshan said...

Hip-Hop Legend Heavy D,, We lost it.