Thursday, December 8, 2011

Coates Just Broke It Down

All I want folks to do is read this post from Ta-Nehisi Coates, regarding Rick Perry's painfully bigoted, and factually suspect political ad.  It's spot on, in my opinion.

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Coates identifies the "implied white supremacy doctrine", though no one dare give it such a name.

The sheer numbers of those who are not heterosexual Christian white men is dwarfing those who are. Candidate Perry is a mouthpiece for the, "I'm more American than you ever will be." crowd, dinosaurs though they be.

His implied premise is that if such unspoken preference is ramped up, this country will again be great (at least for he and his fellow travelers, because the currency of their success and self-worth is solely at the expense and measure of those born discounted and ripe for exploitation).

No one is lining up to even humor them, and they are making legislative Hail-Mary-or-a-least-Grover-Norquist passes. The naked truth stands before us all, and the feared backlash is about to happen, and happen on their watch. The next 11 months will bring the long simmering to a boil.

Equality is being demanded by protesters and voters, as the entire bait-and-switch protocol of regressive politicians (campaign on the jobs issue, but once in office ignore jobs and instead ramrod the repeal of labor, consumer, women's, and GLBT rights at every turn) is being up-ended. Voting restrictions be damned.

This long self-coddled and special rights enjoying class is finding out that their crosses and their penises no longer ensure implied entitlements. Here's the memo they didn't get: Game over, guys.

Their coded language only serves to identify them as everything which has been, and is, wrong with the United States. A disproportionate number of non-European descended people have historically been shorted on education, given bare minimum access to economically meaningful employment, and systematically taken advantage of financially when they do have an income.

The self-superior Christian crowd are but the hand maidens to the wealth mongerers. So long as wealthy whites run the show, the status quo carries on, they trust. There in lies the bedrock of implied superiority.

Of course, the wealthiest have a new found interest in the international educated class, as both groups are far from entangled by national borders. So our Christian entitlists may soon find no comfort from their well-to-do bretheren, and hell to pay from everyone else.

I'm just sayin'