Sunday, May 20, 2012

Somewhere, Bayard Rustin Is Smiling

I cannot believe that I am able to write that the NAACP has come out in support of civil marriage equality.  I am confident that this move is a direct result of the POTUS having come out for marriage equality.  But I also think it's extremely important to remember that Julian Bond, the former Chair of the NAACP, was a strong supporter of marriage equality years ago.  I had an opportunity to thank him personally at an Equality Virginia event, where he served as keynote speaker (I reminded him of our previous meeting where we talked about having gone to men's colleges, and he ribbed me a little for not selecting Morehouse, where one of my cousins, and Bond, attended) years ago.  I also think it's important to thank Bayard Rustin for being bold enough to be an out gay man, back then.  Rustin was the one who saw the natural link from the Civil Rights Movement to Gay Liberation, and Rustin, by being both Black and gay was the physical embodiment of that natural link (too many across the board seem to forget that there are Black folks in the GLBT community).  He would be proud of his old organization. 

Once again, I am sure that there will be some interesting sermons and discussions among Black folks on this Sunday.

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