Thursday, July 5, 2012

Funny How Freedom of Religion Works

I found it completely hilarious that the GOP in Louisiana, in their effort to dismantle the public school system there, decided to use the scheme of vouchers to transfer money from public schools to private religious schools.  Mind you, their definition of a religious school is a "Christian" school.  Needless to say, once Muslim schools in Louisiana sought to take advantage of the program, folks in the GOP balked.  Please feel free to laugh at the Louisiana GOP accordingly.


Better Guy X said...

SMH. . . you have to love Louisiana and the GOP

Anonymous said...

Newsflash: Being heterosexual and Christian no longer equals being privileged and superior - even in Louisiana. Their ideology is more tatters than cloth, and that they seem genuinely surprised at the unintended inclusiveness of their actions is a rather rich comeuppance.

While those elected hypocrites discover there is more than one religion, the world will continue distancing itself from their collective ignorance. What business leader would even think to locate in that state?

Since they set the bar so low,
"At least we're not Louisiana.", should be the message on the new quarters for all of the other states.

I'm just sayin'...