Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Oh, Y'all Got Ta Go

I would like to say thank you to all of the people who worked diligently during the Civil Rights Revolution (or as it is known in the academic history community, the Second Reconstruction). The world has benefited mightily from the righteous efforts and innumerable sacrifices that you made. However, when I read Andrew Young's comments about Barack Obama (and Young is faaar from alone in his sentiment), I was reminded that many of these folks need simply to retire. The young folks (you know, the ones who actually paid attention to your rhetoric, and have tried to live by it) need to go ahead and step up to the plate.

And I know that Young (and those other folk) has lost his mind, if he thinks that Bill Clinton is "every bit as black as Barack." Now, I respect my elders, but when they say stupid things, I would be remiss not to call them out. I mean really. That don't make no damn sense.


CDManley said...

I totally agree with you. When I heard Andrew Youngs comments on Obama vs. Clinton. I simply could NOT believe his words.

BiblioDiva said...

"I'm clowning."

That's exactly why Mr. Young needs to go. He's clowning and Obama is not.

CSoulScribe said...

Some of those old guard Civil Rights Leaders have made very comfortable livings riding on the work that they did 40 - 50 years ago. This is not to diminish their [past or current] achievements and the groundwork they laid on behalf of subsequent generations. However, I think there has been a void in "Black" leadership for some time now, and some who might have been coasting on the glory of the Movement are threatened by the up-and-coming.

hscfree said...

It is galling to me to hear the number of "old guard" characters deride Obama's for almost anything. "He can't do this alone." Please, if he has the support of the majority of the American people, then he is far from alone. It's like the "old guard" is making any excuse, and like csoulscribe noted, they are threatened by the younger folks who don't need to race hustle to move things along.

Those who know me understand that I love African American history, and I am in awe of the accomplishments of this group of Americans, but, as I said in an earlier post, I look at our accomplishments in the face of tremendous adversity and institutionalized discrimination. All of us black folk who are here are the descendents of survivors. That alone is worth singing high praises.

No one is naive enough to suggest that racism (from all directions) has been eradicated, but too few acknowledge the changes that have come. My grandmother (born in 1922) is still in awe of the societal changes that have taken place in her lifetime. She didn't expect it to happen. But once the momentum really built in the mid 20th century, she joined in the fray in her way.

We need to deal with issues from a 21st century perspective. Now people may question Obama's experience, but no one can deny that his approach to the various issues have the potential of being completely different from the approaches of his peers in this election. The Andrew Youngs of the world aren't ready to accept that.

So I think Truman is applicable here: "if you can't take the heat, then get out of the kitchen."

Kimmie E said...

Now you know Andrew is old....When I read the comments, I immediately shrugged it off as ...okay, Drew got a little age on him now....


Anonymous said...

I agree that Mr. Young’s opening comments about Obama, particularly where he says Clinton has more then likely been with more black women than Obama kinda gave me a sick feeling in my soul, not just my stomach. For a once visionary leader to assume to pass judgment on another prominent, visionary black leader on something so base goes beyond words.

That said, his later comments regarding a stronger support network for Obama to ensure his success as President in the future rang true to me and offered so validity to his concerns. As much as we would like to see this country practice what it tries’s to ram down ever other nations throats-democracy, freedom for all, tolerance, etc. I believe that Obama must be ready and I am not sure that he is at that point in his political career.

I do believe that with life experiences comes wisdom, and age goes by the wayside and we become something other than a number or our wrinkles and gray hair. Life becomes something that you can trace by tilting your head and remembering what brought to this moment in your life...because it has been set out before you at another point in life’s journey. That is what I hope Young was trying; granted rather poorly to convey. I hope even harder that when Young tilts his head and remembers this moment and what brought him to that lecture he can trace it and feel the full weight of shame and hurt his words caused ALL of us and Barak!