Sunday, May 25, 2008

Makes No Sense

I need someone to explain to me just one thing. If BHO and HRC are essentially supportive of the same basic political philosophy, and their policies differ only by degrees, then how can these folks who say that if either candidate they support fails to get the nomination, then they will vote for John McCain? The only thing I can think of that all three candidates share philosophically is lack of support for gay marriage (which is a shame in and of itself, but something I can live with) and the allowance to let states decide that issue individually.

Ultimately, since it appears that BHO will get the nod, I really want HRC supporters to explain their potential support of McCain. That shift makes no sense to me.


kingfireant said...

I agree. I've wanted to know for quite a while what logic there is in: "I'm gonna take my toys and go home" with regards to the DemParty. Then again, I always thought that HRC and JMcCain have similar enough voting records that this "logic" makes some sense.

House History Man said...

I agree...I have met humans of late that actually think this is a three-way race for President. Glad to find your blog, old friend. Paul