Monday, May 12, 2008

Filling a Void

I found myself thinking of my late uncle Joe over the weekend, and came to the realization that in spite of whatever challenges he may have had, he managed to live in his dream. He was a musician, a philosopher, and a wonderful uncle. I was listening to Suzanne Vega's latest "Beauty & Crime," and she has a song, "Ludlow Street," that is dedicated to her late brother Tim. The chorus is as follows:

This time
When I go back to Ludlow Street
I find each stoop and doorway's incomplete
Without you there ("Ludlow Street" by Suzanne Vega)

This song is haunting to me in my memories of Joe; change Ludlow Street to Griffin Ave, and it really hits home for me. I know it's not jazz (his love of life other than my aunt), but I think that he would appreciate the message the song conveys nonetheless. Thanks to Suzanne Vega for helping to put my feelings into song, and for reminding me that I have some work to do to live in my dream.

Love is the only thing that matters
Love is the only thing that's real
I know we hear this every day
It's still the hardest thing to feel (citation above)

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