Tuesday, January 13, 2009

"Did I Say That?"

I've long held the belief that many top tier Democrats are privately supporters of same sex marriage, but would never say so publicly for fear of political repercussions from the right. I am also of the mind that more GOP elected officials are not really that pressed about the gays in their midst, as they pretend to be for their supporters (remember the revelation of all the gay GOP staff members following the Mark Foley scandal?).

Therefore, I am not shocked that BHO was a one time supporter of same sex marriage. The Windy City Times, the gay rag of Chi-town did a story on BHO back in 1996. BHO, at that point in time, was an unequivocal supporter of same sex marriage. Naturally, and sadly, as BHO moved up the ranks of the Democratic hierarchy, he managed "to find religious" reasons for shifting his position.

Whether some believe it or not, the gay rights movement is the civil rights movement of our times. As with the "official" Civil Rights Movement (note the capital letters), politicians who took the bold step of supporting black folks back then suffered somewhat for their principled decisions (see FDR, Truman and Johnson for some highlights). Perhaps BHO will find his personal courage and eventually re-affirm his 1996 position. It was the correct one, and it was politically bold of him to voice it. However, hiding behind religion for political cover is not becoming of any politician, especially the future new POTUS.

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