Saturday, January 10, 2009

"Where the food at?"

I know that's right! That is a quote from the POTUS-elect. BHO made his pilgrimage to one of the most iconographic landmarks of black DC, Ben's Chili Bowl. If you haven't been, I would recommend it highly. Though it has changed a little over time, it is still an excellent dive-like spot. And it is an official historic landmark in Washington. It is in its 51st year of operation (it was one of the few open businesses when U Street was a veritable ghost town, in the years following the 1968 riots).

I love an excuse to have a half smoke.

What got me more than anything was BHO's question. I freakin' love it! How many of us have asked the same question in the exact same way? I know the folk in Ben's were too through when they heard that come out of his mouth. I also hope that this is a sign that BHO will venture more frequently into "unofficial" Washington. He will be most welcome.


Fiona said...

From what I can see so far, the new president has excellent taste in diner food. You can guess that I respect that.

He won't inspire me to eat spam sushi, but I definitely intend to try shave ice.

hscfree said...


BiblioDiva said...

Last night they made an unannounced visit to the Lincoln Memorial. I think BHO and family might be a little more comfortable in "unofficial" DC then our recent Presidents.

And WaPo has the story above the fold today! Really? I love Ben's and BHO, but really?

I hope he takes The Girls there.