Monday, June 15, 2009

30 Years Later: Iran and Revolution?

I have followed with amazement the events unfolding in Iran. And I have really enjoyed the coverage that has been coming from The Daily Dish; it has been invaluable in trying to understand both what is happening on the ground, as well as what these events could mean.

So often, I've heard touted this idea that the Iranian people were actually fans of the West, much to the chagrin of the religious leadership of the country. I only remember flashes of the events from '79 (I was 11), particularly the taking of the American hostages. Following the freeing of the hostages, I hadn't given Iran much consideration. It was President Bush's naming the country as one in the "Axis of Evil" that brought Iran back into my mind.

I realized that I knew very little about the contemporary circumstances of the country, though I was familiar with the importance of Persia in the development of civilization generally. These past few days have really peaked my interest. If indeed the people of Iran want to become a part of the global community with peace at the fore, then I wish them well.

In the meantime, I am going to really look into what is happening there, and then I will give a more substantive post.


Anonymous said...

I was encouraged to see this post on Iran and I applaud you tacking a subject that has proved uncomfortable for Obama supporters. Unfortunately the lack of any comments by your left-leaning readers indicates that they have no interest in areas beyond a narrow liberal domestic agenda.

hscfree said...

How has it been uncomfortable? I think that there has been an effort not to follow the calls of members of the GOP to jump right into the fray, where we have no direct business.

I think that BHO was correct in making sure that we did not become an easy scapegoat for the Iranian political leadership.

Interestingly, I've had more comments on Facebook on this issue than here, so it is an interesting subject. In the process, I found out that one of the black H-SC alums is married to an Iranian. I haven't had a chance to sit with her myself, but I will. There has also been good discussion with a young black H-SC rising sophomore who is a Republican. I say good for him. I've been there, and did that.

Anonymous said...

Read Robert Kagan's article in the WP on the difficult situation Obama has faced on Iran. Essentially his commitment to engage the regime (and therefore legitimize it) has forced him to neglect the protesters in the street.