Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Don't Cry For Him Argentina

What is it with POTUS hopefuls and women? The moment WYFF in Greenville, SC reported that a Federal Marshal saw Governor Sanford in Atlanta boarding a plane, I, like many others, guessed he was having an affair. The mystery was the gender. So now Sanford admits to an affair with a woman in Argentina that he's known for years (did Mrs. Sanford know her too?). I am only jumping on this because it's guys like Sanford and Senators Ensign and Vitter, men who are so holier than thou when it comes to talking about the need to preserve the sanctity of marriage from the likes of people like me, who deserve these types of comeuppances.

What is it about power that seems to render these men incapable of thinking clearly with the head found at the top of the body? In the case of Sanford, I am just stunned that he was so ready to get out of SC that he didn't even do the minimum for his state Even if it hadn't been an affair, he needed to make sure that SC was prepared. Anything could have happened to him between Columbia and Buenos Aires.

Well, I ain't cryin.' Though I do admit that I feel sorry for his family. It takes a real ass to leave your family to hook up around Father's Day.


Anonymous said...

It's because of gay marriages in other states that he had this affair, you see. So, we must keep gay marriage from being legalized everywhere so that more affairs don't happen!

Yeah, honestly I don't get it. I feel bad for his family, but not for him. What a hypocrite.
-Brandon W.

Curious said...

I don't know about the sons, but I think his wife knew about it and didn't really give a damn since she really didn't give a damn about where he was over the weekend. What's to be sorry about?

hscfree said...

@Curious: I am thinking from the perspective of a child of divorce. It's bad enough to go through something like that privately. I could not imagine watching my parents dealing with this on the news.

BiblioDiva said...

I wonder how many of the other politicians that are expressing outrage over his affair have infidelities in their past and present? The affair is between him and his family.

Making no arrangements for his official duties and responsibilities, that's between him and the people of SC.

If you or I left our jobs for 4 or 5 days without making arrangements with our supervisors, we would come back to no job.