Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Lobbying While Muslim II

One of the reasons I enjoy watching Rachel Maddow, is because she makes it a point to show just how out there some people can be, particularly those on the right. In her coverage of the alleged secret plot of Muslim infiltration of the U.S. government, primarily through internships on the Hill, Maddow reaches across the aisle. She talks with former Bush administration appointee Suhail Khan about these allegations against the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR). Check out the segment.

This whole scenario reminds me that throughout the history of the United States, some in power have resorted to fear mongering, knowing that there will always be a part of the populace willing to be afraid of both real and phantom menaces. One of the points raised by Maddow toward the end of that segment of her show, is that the four members of Congress who called for an investigation of CAIR have yet to formally ask the Sergeant at Arms of the House for an investigation.

Why is that, and when is that formal request coming?

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Jeffrey said...

I enjoy Rachel's show and respect her aggressive, yet always professional style, blended with a natural bit of humor to ease the sting. I was dismayed to hear the soundbite of Sr. George H. last night on Harball referring to her and Keith Olberman as "sick puppies". And Rush's open call, plea, and hopes for President Obama to "fail miserably" would be?... Nice to see Bush 41 warmly embracing his Presidential peer on stage ealier this week. Ahhh politics...