Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Rush of Indifference

For some reason, all of this talk about Rush Limbaugh and his now failed attempt to become a partial owner in the St. Louis Rams never really moved me. I mean I find his brand of "humor" and "satire" completely unappealing, and I do think that it would have been fascinating to see if the black NFL players would have protested. But I thought I would throw it out there to people who stopped by, and wanted to offer comments.


Anonymous said...

I'm a conservative, but have never listened to Rush. Is there some reason why black players would have protested, or is it just the assumption that they are liberals and he is a conservative? I'm honestly missing the racial angle.

hscfree said...

People have complained about Limbaugh's commentary over the years, and the evidence leads toward, at best, a racially insensative person, and at worst, a str8 up racist. I think that the biggest gripe that many black players had was Limbaugh's misguided attack on Donovan McNabb. Limbaugh dismissed McNabb's clear talent as a quarterback, and said that his good press was simply a function of the liberal media wanting to highlight a black athlete. He also compared the black players of the NFL with black gang members. My guess is that for black NFL players, liberal, moderate or conservative, those things were just a bit much.

Personally, I think that the man is classic non-hood wearing racist. And I only have his comments over the years as my evidence.

But, I get the impression that you seem comfortable with the idea that anyone who brings up issues related to race in a negative light are preternaturally liberal.

Anonymous said...

I have no idea who McNabb is (don’t challenge my straight credentials :)), but I do agree that the liberal media loves a minority success story. Is it impossible to you that the media does that?

Are you convicting him as a racist based on those two comments or are there others? I think you don’t like his politics and so you are happy to come to that conclusion. When Julian Bond said outrageous things you thought he was complex, but still worthy of your admiration—because you liked his politics. I don’t think you have to admire Rush, I don’t, but I think you are quite pleased with your conclusion.

I’m not 100% sure what you mean in your last para. I do think that liberals are obsessed with race. Politically, it’s been a good issue for them over the years and I think it has an appeal from that angle. But I also think it fits neatly into their worldview. But liberals’ passion for race is a huge issue that perhaps we can discuss in person!

LifeLongSkinsFan said...

Limbaugh once told a caller to "take the bone out of his nose".

He's a racist. I'm sure he has black friends (his call screener is black). But like most racists, he only like the blacks that don't "misbehave".

LifeLongSkinsFan said...

"Politically, it’s been a good issue for them over the years and I think it has an appeal from that angle."

How so? The GOP retook the South and destroyed our coalition using race.

Jeffrey said...

That was nice to see Anonymous being educated about Rush. LOL. Conservative or not, Anonymous would have to have lived under a rock to have not heard any of Rush's inflammatory, derogatory, sensational, unpatriotic rhetoric and/or racist comments over the years. Hilarious. And regardless of the NFL Players' opinions, there is typically accountability and professionalism expected at every level in Sports. Oh no, I just took Anonymous's bait too.