Saturday, October 24, 2009

When Will the Cheneys Pass Out of All Knowledge?

The Cheney family is threatening the sanity of most clear thinking Americans, and someone needs to put all their madness out in the street for everyone to see. It is embarrassing to me to know that there are people who actually believe what these people have to say, even in the face of truth that contradicts almost every single syllable they utter.

Dick Cheney has the unmitigated gall to talk about "dithering" on the Afghan War. Did I miss the inertia that took over in Afghanistan, while we launched an unnecessary war against Iraq? Did I miss the "dithering" within the Bush administration when it came to finding Osama bin Laden? Liz Cheney, whose credentials to speak about anything substantive continues to elude me, talks about keeping America safe, but I think that will happen once she decides to leave the United States.

Now, I can passenger seat drive with the best of them, but damn, these people take the cake (spit in it, slap it in your face and then blame you for baking the cake in the first place).

There are lines in prologue of "The Fellowship of the Ring" that sum up my feelings regarding the entire Cheney family: "History became legend...legend became myth. And for two and a half thousand years the [Cheneys] passed out of all knowledge." If only we could be so blessed.

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