Wednesday, May 12, 2010

More Movement for Ending DADT (from Some Military Bloggers Now)

The discussion around "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" (DADT) is getting more fascinating by the day, and it is clear to me that Obama, as well as some among the top brass, are well behind the curve on this from a number of sides. I've posted before that the overwhelming majority of Americans support gays serving openly, and this sentiment goes across political and philosophical lines. People within the military have expressed nonchalant attitudes regarding gays serving. There are gay veterans, including some with horror stories and others with tales of friendship and brother/sisterhood. And all reasonable people acknowledge that gays have been in the military since there was a military.

Again, the Obama administration, and some folks at DOD are behind the curve here. Military bloggers apparently have jumped into the fray by issuing a statement calling for a swift repeal of DADT. The issue will also come up with Elena Kagan's SCOTUS nomination, since she originally supported curtailing military access at Harvard Law, because of the discriminatory practices of the military.

Personally, I would be interested to see if the Congress goes ahead and puts a repeal of DADT into the next Defense Authorization bill, thus killing DADT the way it was born. Would Obama veto it?

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