Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Really, Richard Blumenthal?

Talk about handing the election over to your competition. Okay, politicians lie, but come on now.


Anonymous said...

Doth anyone recall our current Secretary of State, Mrs. Clinton, professing being under seige when in the form Yugoslavia???

Oops! Now THAT was history re-written for an election, and somehow she kept going.

To look at where she is today, it didn't impede her at all.

She also cried during the election, and was given a pass.

Will Richard Blumenthal's service during the Viet Nam war, though not actually in Viet Nam, be held to a higher standard of scrutiny? And if so, why?

Could the media have a gender bias?

I'm just sayin'...

Scott said...

Ease up on the guy Free! I mean, he didn't lie, he simply misspoke. Seriously, that's how he describes it. "Misspoke."

You know, when he said, "My service in Vietnam" it was just a verbal slip and of course what he meant was, "My five draft deferments..."

Could happen to anybody.

And by the way Anonymous, about Hillary being held to a different standard and how she was "given a pass" ....

You do know that she lost, right?