Thursday, May 13, 2010

On GLBT Parents and Catholic Schools

I guess I'm late. I am just hearing about this situation where the son of a lesbian couple is having his admission into a Catholic school rescinded, because his parents are lesbians. I think that the church is well within its rights to do exactly what it did, and I hope that the ladies don't try to force the church to accept their son.

I think that the hypocrisy of the church's position should be highlighted regularly. Apparently, there are children attending that school who have divorced parents. Why have they not been asked to leave the school? I would think that breaking the sacrament of marriage would be high on the "no-no" list. But, I guess not.

I also think that someone in Massachusetts needs to see exactly how much public money finds its way into that school, and then demand that the school return every penny. If there is public funding going to the school in some way, then the school needs to return that public money and treat all who apply equally, regardless of the status of the parents. But, if there is no public money involved, then I would be the first to say that the church has every right to determine the individuals with whom it wants to associate.


Scott said...

I hope that the ladies don't try to force the church to accept their son.

Amen to that. Being lesbian surely doesn't make them bad parents, but wanting to send the kid to a Catholic school does call into question their judgment.

Sorry. I got some um...issues with the Catholic church...

Rhen said...

There's been a rather shocking turn to this story, Free. Check out the link here:

As a recovering Catholic, I must admit this article fairly shocked me, in a good way for once.

hscfree said...

Though that seems like a nice gesture, I still think that the parents should not put their son in a Catholic school. The church has made it clear that their relationship is against that faith. Why subject your child to the potential problems that will come from church teachings saying that his family life is against God? I am more than confident that there are good non-religious private schools or good religious private schools (with a more accepting perspective on gay marriage) that they can send their son. Why not look for those options, and save the potential future headaches that will likely come?

Mike said...

I still have trouble grasping the concept of religious education (oxymoron, anyone?) ... Lucky for me I was vaccinated for the god virus!

So divorce doesn't violate the sanctity of marriage now?

Sigh ... The virus spreads

Anonymous said...

This is no different than all white country clubs.

Leave the self-selecting to themselves.

As equality minded members walk, along with their 10% mandatory donations, enlightment may dawn upon even the Catholic church.

I'm just sayin'...