Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Taibbi on Bachmann

In the post preceding this one, I wrote about the political conservatism that I recognized from my Political Science and History studies over the years.  I thought that the type of conservatism described by Andrew Sullivan and Fareed Zakaria could be persuasive to a larger, and possibly more diverse, constituency than it currently enjoys.  Even I appreciated some of the ideas expressed in their descriptions. 

Now, one of my favorite writers, Matt Taibbi, has written about Rep. Michele Bachmann, and he explains why she needs to be taken seriously (something with which I firmly agree).  As I read Taibbi's article, I was reminded of the type of "conservatism" I find repugnant, and Bachmann (as well as Sarah Palin) is a perfect personification of this "conservatism."

Please read the article.  Taibbi's closing sentences are particularly illuminating, and sadly, I think he hits the nail right on the head.


Anonymous said...

"Bachmann/Coulter 2012", anyone?

Imagine our fine country put onto a path of righteousness.

Bristol Palin could be in charge of Education, and dispense government issued chastity belts, along with pearls of wisdom, at mandatory "Virtue Rallies".

Bristol's mom could be our point person for international affairs, as she'd be a terrific follow-up to Mrs. Clinton as Secretary of State!

Mr. Boehner would remain in place, but Rep. Paul Ryan could better serve the country heading up Health & Human Services - he's an innovator.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker could avoid a recall, and enjoy a move to DC with the opportunity to run the Dept. of Labor.

All the while, as a consultant, former-VP Dick Cheyney could quietly suggest strategies and avenues to accomplish what he would have done during a second-term.

Just paintin' a pretty picture...

Anonymous said...

For Cheyney, I meant "thrid-term", which is what a Republican win in 2012 will essentially mean.