Monday, September 12, 2011

The Best Word I Can Muster for Tonight is "Interesting"

I just finished watching the latest GOP debate.  Um, I am not really sure what to say.  Wait, interestingly, I felt that some of what Ron Paul and Jon Huntsman said actually made some sense.  And Rick Perry was getting all sorts of love, until those friggin' Latinos came up in the discussion.  And who could not help but get a warm fuzzy for the audience member all for the uninsured dude of Blitzer's question dying for lack of sufficient health insurance. 

Bachmann, for all of her "chootzpah," was giving Lipton, when most of the people in that room had a taste for that Luzianne flavor, drawl and all.  This is now Perry's to lose.

Oh, I found this and this to be interesting reading over at "The Dish."  Enjoy.

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