Monday, September 19, 2011

A Sad Chapter Finally Finished

Right now, I wish I was in Washington, DC out and about in Logan, and preparing to raise gin gimlet filled glass to the formal ending of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" with gay, lesbian and bisexual friends (and one cousin) who served, and serve, in the military.  I am also extremely happy for all of those currently serving in silence (or semi-silence), because they finally can breathe a sigh of relief and simply live their lives without the threat of losing their careers.  I doubt that the transition will be problem free, but I am sure that with time, as has been shown in foreign military organizations, "gays in the military" will not induce shock or derision.  I'm sure Leonard Matlovich is smiling, wherever he is.

UPDATE 9.20.11:  I just saw that one of the co-founders (h/t Towleroad) of the group OutServe has decided to come out publicly.  OutServe is an organization of active serving military personnel.

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Greg Johnson said...

Of course the end of DADT is a big deal, but I'm still ambivalent. Ever since Teddy Roosevelt charged up San Juan Hill our military has mostly served as the spear tip of American economic neo-imperialism.

I can just see the next big war (and you know another war is always just around the corner) and the Pentagon's (mis)information machine will be cranked up to rally GLBT's to support our brave queer lads and laddies in uniform.

Next thing you know Cazwell and the Ice Cream Truck Boys will be performing in some far away land to entertain the troops while your local queer community center puts together Care Packages complete with lube and rubbers.

It WILL happen.