Monday, September 26, 2011

I Wanted to Wait a Few Days Before Commenting...

...about the heckling and boos the gay soldier received from some members of the GOP debate audience.  I think that if one wanted to know how reviled the gay community is in some circles of the GOP, then this was a perfect example.  After a decade of hearing folks on the right nearly fetish-ize "supporting the troops," not a single person on that stage offered to support that soldier currently serving in Iraq, nor did a single person on that stage (or among the moderators) chide the audience for their reaction.  As a matter of fact, Santorum had the gall to call this man's service "tragic" and a "social experiment."  The only saving grace I can take from this situation is that at least the younger Republicans understand the humanity of their gay peers, and support issues like gay marriage and the repeal of DADT.  Meanwhile, I can only imagine what went through that soldier's mind once he heard those many boos coming from the audience. Finally, I hope this helps gay Republicans to see why it is difficult for the vast majority of the GLBT community to support GOP candidates, even when the occasional candidate has interesting ideas. And it should serve as a reminder of precisely how precarious their standing within the GOP tent really is (and don't take this as some ringing endorsement of the Democratic party; it isn't, but credit is given when credit is due).

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