Monday, November 14, 2011

There's So Much That Could be Said...(II)

...about Herman Cain, and I had no idea that when I wrote that Nov. 3 post that Cain would self-destruct in such a devastating fashion.  I still stand by my original point that I was glad to see a Cain candidacy in the GOP.  But, there is no question that Cain is simply not ready, and if any of the sexual harassment/assault allegations are true, then that should be a real deal breaker for his current supporters (the allegations seem to have led some to abandon Cain already).  Actually, I think Cain has been presenting a nice stream of deal breakers under normal circumstances, but I have to remind myself that he is running for the GOP nomination, so those rules don't really apply (if they did, then Jon Huntsman would be a serious threat to Mitt Romney).

But this little bit of video is actually tough to watch.   

Though, I suppose one could apply the "wisdom" he put forth regarding the OWS movement:  If are running for President, having little knowledge of U.S. foreign policy, and you haven't boned up on the subject before going to a debate or an interview, then you should "blame yourself."

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