Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Michelle Obama

I have been catching up on my news (I took a brief break for the holidays), and while scanning through Andrew Sullivan's blog (I have read it for the last several years), I read a post about Michelle Obama.

As I have said in this blog, I moved toward supporting Obama because of his wife. I am beyond comfortable with the notion of Michelle Obama being the First Lady. I watched her speak in Washington during this summer at a Women for Obama event, and I was more than impressed. Actually, I was excited by the end of the event. I felt that the $250 I spent (which was really to help a buddy of mine who purchased a table at the event) was well worth the price.

Sullivan, who I have to admit has posted things in the past that makes me feel like he needs a solid course in African American history (as well as African American GLBT history), hits the nail on the head with his comments concerning the weapon that is Michelle Obama. Take a look.

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