Thursday, January 31, 2008

Hulk Hogan's America

When John Edwards decided to withdraw from this contest, my first thought was where will the white guys go. Is it possible that the endorsement of Hulk Hogan could prove to be of use to the Obama campaign? My biggest concern is that the prototypical working class white guy will simply not abide a character like Barack Obama, regardless of what Obama may have to say. Actually, I am afraid that that particular constituent group will play its own version of the race card (a phrase that I loathe with a passion), and simply look to anyone but the black guy. Hogan might be a trump to that play. I can only hope.


BiblioDiva said...

I recently heard two commentators on WNERD say that with the Democratic nomination down to a black man and a white woman, white men will have problems identifying with these candidates.

If this is uncharitable of me, so be it. For hundreds of years, our only choices have been white men for our President. There weren't too many people writing about whether or not women or minorities could identify with these choices. I'm not sure if anybody cared if non-white people and women identified with these choices.

Now that white men have a stretch a little, and try to see beyond their world view, people are asking what they're going to do.


Let them pick the candidate that best represents their policy positions. Just like everybody else has been doing since they got the right to vote.

Brian said...

This very notion has been on my mind since it became apparent that both Obama and Clinton were running: will middle America vote for a black man or a woman? This is why the McCain charge is worth watching. He easily appeals to those who aren't making decisions based on policy positions, just on who they will be comfortable with leading them. I have my doubts as to whether either can win against him for only that reason.