Monday, January 28, 2008

New Orleans

I just got back from a trip to New Orleans for work. It is nothing short of a national crime to see NOLA in that state. I cannot imagine another community suffering from that level of neglect from our national government. But I will give the people of NOLA credit for having the pluck to keep going. The short attention span of the average American is on full display, when it comes to that city. I am glad to go there, help out and spend both money and time. I never saw NOLA before the storm, so I have no nostalgic longings when I visit. NOLA still needs our help.


TLR said...

At a time when the state of progress in Iraq is in constant question it does make one wonder how we can allow such a large elephant in the room.

BiblioDiva said...

It is a crying shame how the Gulf Coast has fallen off the national radar.

I suppose they would get more press and attention if they were a matter of national security, as opposed to a matter of national pride and morality.