Friday, September 10, 2010

DADT Declared Unconstitutional, Finally

Though I know that none of these issues are settled, I am finding it very interesting that the courts, regardless of who appointed the judges, have been fairly consistent in coming down on the side of gay rights. Again, none of these issues are settled, and I know that Scalia and Thomas loathe gays based on their religious traditions (I am confident that Roberts and Alito do as well, but they haven't had a gay rights case come to them yet), but I am hopeful that the Constitution will out.

Yesterday, we saw a federal court side in favor of gay service members in a case brought by those associated with Log Cabin Republicans. "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" was declared unconstitutional yesterday. It was great to see that.

I think that it is important to remind people that just as the federal government was discriminating against gays under President Bush, the federal government is doing the same under President Obama. It is also important to realize that Obama would be held to a higher standard on gay rights, because he is a Democrat, since the village idiot even knows that the GOP platform all but jails gay folks (yes, Ken Mehlman, I still remember the GOP official position on the gays), so Obama deserves to be hammered on his gay rights positions.

I hope that this case will push Obama over that edge, at the very least, to push for a full repeal of DADT. It began with a Democratic POTUS, and it should end with one.

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Micheal Sisco said...

Ah, I can just hear it now ... those damn activist judges ... If I hear that phrase one more time, I think I will vomit ...