Sunday, September 19, 2010

"Don't Call My Name, Don't Call My Name..." Obama (Especially Regarding DADT) beat me to the punch, but they nailed my feelings on this: Lady Gaga has stepped into the breach where President Obama, based on his own self identification as a "fierce advocate" for gay rights, should be when it comes to sealing the deal on killing by legislation "Don't Ask, Don't Tell." The post links to "The Advocate" reporter Kerry Eleveld's post, and it is telling in too many ways.

Toward the end of the post, Eleveld brings up Lady Gaga, and explains what she has done in the last couple of weeks to show her support of ending DADT, including having discharged/resigned gay service members escort her to the VMAs, to tweeting to her fans information explaining a filibuster, and urging them to call their Senators, to posting a video on YouTube on this issue. And President Obama?

UPDATE: I was just over at Towleroad, and I saw that Lady Gaga is heading up to Maine tomorrow (one of my favorite places) to rally supporters for repealing DADT, and sending a message to Senators Snowe and Collins. I love it.

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