Saturday, April 16, 2011

How Many of Ol' Girl's "Black Friends" Got That E-mail Message?

I've been in the uncomfortable situation of having to deal with odd comments regarding President Obama from at least one person (a gay conservative no less).  Let's just say that I didn't let it go, and that situation was quashed (but I haven't forgotten).  With that said, I simply cannot believe that Marilyn Davenport of the Orange County Republicans actually has a black friend whom she really considers her friend.  If she did, there is no way that she would have sent out the now infamous e-mail message suggesting that President Obama's parents are chimpanzees (I swear folks forget the man is half white).  I am going out on a limb in saying that I think that the three conservatives whom I consider to be my actual friends would never find something like what Davenport sent as funny.  And I do wonder if Davenport sent that e-mail to any of her "black" friends?

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