Friday, April 8, 2011

Spare Us Your Sexual Insecurities

I was on Towleroad, and I saw a post about two basketball players from the Toronto Raptors who, at the end of the game, ended up hand in hand as they went back to the locker room.  Here is the clip from YouTube:

Apparently, that gesture, which was essentially a way to get the one team player to get moving, sparked a barrage of nasty anti-gay commentary.


Are we, as men, so insecure that we can't touch one another without some suggestion of homosexuality?  Does the contact, if you aren't gay, or if it's a mixed gay/straight couple of guys, always have to be some form of violent contact (a punch, a jab, etc.)?  I am really glad that my straight guy friends are secure enough in their sexuality (and in who they are) that I can give them hugs when we greet one another.  I've certainly grabbed the hand of some of my straight friends to drag them away from something (essentially what happened here).  The hand holding wasn't long lasting, but the situation, whatever it was, was averted, and we went on our merry way.

The bottom line seems to be that most men need to deal with their own sexual insecurities in private and spare the rest of us.  There is nothing wrong with men, particularly friends, showing affection for one another.  Only the stupid and the insecure would take "affection" to mean something sexual and, dare I say it, "gay."

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