Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Debate Moderating While Black

Oh it is on now! Conservative bloggers are jumping on this idea that because Gwen Ifill (moderator of the PBS show Washington Week) has written a book entitled Breakthrough: Politics and Race in the Age of Obama, that she is "in the tank" for BHO.

I suppose it is out of the scope of reality for these critics to assume that a sista can't be professional (let's not even mention the fact that we truly have no idea where Ifill stands with regard to who she will support in the upcoming election). These are the same people who probably thought that Sean Hannity's interview of Sarah Palin was "fair and balanced" (yeah, like an unused see-saw). I am sure that somewhere in this great country of ours is a black conservative who will attempt to echo these "concerns," when they should be outraged that their compatriots are suggesting that this particular black person (at the top of her game), simply will not be able to do her job.

This is tiresome. Why not simply say that black people (who aren't conservatives) do not have the capacity to formulate their own opinions? Why not simply say that black journalists (who aren't conservatives) are all 100% behind BHO? Why not simply say that black folks (who aren't conservatives) are mere lemmings? I'll tell you why. It's because too many of these so called conservatives are mentally unable to accept black folks as sentient beings who have the intellectual capacity to see through their crass arguments and who choose to support other perspectives.

Gwen Ifill, do your thing, and brush that dirt off your shoulder.


Anonymous said...

I agree!

I think Ifil is going to be professional, as always.

Brent L said...

I heard this for the 1st time yesterday, and I was stunned by the attack on her. What I love most about it all is she's still moderating on what may be the most-watched VP debate in history. The voice of racism, although always present, will be invisible elephant in the room tonight.

Micheal E. Sisco said...

For all the pre-debate bluster from the conservatives about Ifill's so-called BHO bias, the debate went off without a moderator-initiated hitch. Ifill was professional -- as most of us rational-thinking types knew she would be. Gawd, how I miss the good ole days, when we could usually spot a sheet-and-hood wearin' racist from a mile away. I'll give McSame and company this -- they have refined their game.
At the end of the day, though, it won't matter. I predict BHO will win -- electoral college count 287. Rational heads will prevail. I'm tryin SOOOOO hard to see the glass half full!

Politi Gal said...

Gwen was professional pre, during, and post debate. Hell, the only real "critics" of her were people on Wingtard payrolls and GOP/RNC insider lists (oh...and all those extra-chomosome mouthbreathers who tune into Rush and Hannity on there way to and from the trailer park).

The mainstream media has the infuriating habit of presenting the Right's perspectives, however ludicrus, as being worthy of equal consideration. I'm all for equal consideration of worthy ideas, but really...a two second Google search (as Gwen has pointed out) would have dispelled any notion as bias with a quickness.

Now for something completely mean and different!

More politically incorrect funny here!

Scott said...

I thought Ifill actually went too easy on Palin, letting her get away with not answering questions, even more so than debate moderators usually do! Of course, she didn't really press Biden either. I think this was probably the strategy. I think their goal was to make Ifill afraid to answer follow-up questions or to press for answers for fear of looking biased. This strategy seemed to work. She just gave up and didn't push either candidate to really say anything. As a result, this VP debate was much less informative than the VP debate she moderated in 2004, when even Cheney did a pretty good job of articulating his positions.