Thursday, October 9, 2008

Oh For Real?

I'd promised myself not to even discuss Cindy McCain, but how can I resist when she says something as stupid as BHO should walk in her shoes to understand something. Only an out of touch rich white woman could come out of her mouth like that. I have a request for Cindy. How about she try walking in the shoes of a black person for a day. I'll even be okay with letting her be a rich black person. Then report back to me what it's like. I'm sure I am bound to learn something I somehow managed to miss.

UPDATE: I see Cindy McCain as "Narcissa Malfoy."


Anonymous said...

How about Oprah's shoes?


Politi Gal said...

Pill poppin' whore home-wrecker.
Wha? Did I just type that? Damn keyboard ttttourettes and stttutter.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's SOOO hard being "black". Affirmative Action dilomas, welfare, being moved to nice areas in order to promote "diversity".

And "blacks" seem to blame everyone else for what is going on in their "community".


Stop blaming others for your own faults. This is coming from a Latino male, by the way.

a bourgeois black said...

Re anonymous: yet another standard typical, ahistorical, nuance lacking perspective. Heaven be praised for freedom of speech, even for those who seem ill equipped to use it with solid thought and aplomb.

Michael E. Sisco said...

I think there are plenty of shoes dear Mrs. McCain could stand to walk a few steps in ... and that's the point. This is a couple, a party, that has become so out of touch it's almost laughable.
To anonymous: You're kidding, right? Please tell me you are kidding.

Politi Gal said...

Anonymous, you weren't kidding were you? BTW anonymous I'd love to know where you got your "diloma".

Having cowardly chosen to leave your message as anonymous and given the hateful nature of your comments, one is left to wonder whether what little information you have provide bout yourself is accurate (though your sentiments are certainly genuine).

Are you in fact a Latino? Or did you just throw that bit of fiction in in a failed effort to lend yourself an "I'm in the minority club too" air of gravitas?

Or did you include it in an impotent attempt to reflexively inoculate yourself against attack?

Even in anonymity I suspect you characteristically weary of a full throated response....your tactic ranks up there with the tactic of uttering something racist and attempting to offer self-absolution with: "I have tons of Black friends"'s insulting to EVERYONE in the room.

I suspect you've answered the McCain/Hannity/RNC clarion call to hate. I also suspect you are as much an ethnic minority as I (I'm white).

If there is one thing that characterizes that oh so "special" subset of wingtards, to which I am certain you belong, it is an inability to engage in the kind of dynamic and nuanced thought which characterizes the left (seriously, it's a matter of scientific fact, the conservative brain is actually different ).

We on the left and in the center like to think. We like to challenge even our most cherished beliefs. You like to be told what to think, and put your fingers in your ear when the truthiness of your beliefs are challenged.

You truly are to be pitied.

Anonymous said...

I was being dead serious, and I'm in my senior year of high school. As for my anonymity, I don't have a blog or anything, perhaps I should have left my name and address?

I can't say ALL "blacks" are bad, I do have some "black" friends, as cliche as it sounds. Most of these friends, however, are "disappointment blacks". What I mean by this is that they seem to be good but sooner or later their true nature shows. For instance, I know this goofy "black" kid, hilarious guy. Out of nowhere he tells me he is a Crip. What a nice guy, eh?

And I am Latino, I had to let that be know because I know how "blacks" like to think that other minorities love them sooo much and only "YT" dislikes them.

No, I haven't answered to that, but thanks for the accusation. :) I did, however, comment on this:

I'm not a "wingtard", as a matter of fact I think McCain is an idiot. While Barack is a better candidate, I just can't bear to imagine the consequences. "Blacks" going up to non-"blacks" faces with that "YO WE GOT A BLACK MAN IN DA WHITE HOUSE DEY SHOULD CALL IT DA BLACK HOUSE". Ugh. He's HALF-"black", I'm tired of every "black" claiming him as their own. Can you imagine a "full-black" as a president? Me neither.

It's not an Obama vs. McCain situation, I'm just tired of "blacks" getting away with everything, just because they are inferior to the human race. There's a reason why they have the lowest IQ's. There's a reason why they commit the most crimes, making up more than half of the prison population, yet are only about 12% of the USA population. There's a reason why they kill their own "people" the most. There's a reason why they get mad over any little thing, claim "racism", and march with their "Reverends". They want money, they don't care. Why do you think "blacks" want reparations? They are too lazy to earn money themselves. If "blacks" get reparations, I think I should, too. So should the Whites. So Should the Asians. Every race of people has ancestors that have been enslaved at one point in time. The behavior of the average "black" is disgusting. Why must they act this way? Don't blame poverty and them being "held down" by anyone, either. You see immigrants from other countries that barely speak English have a better life and work harder than most "blacks", yet the "blacks" complain the most.

Research all of that, you know it's true. Will you deny any of that? "Politi gal", you have no idea what you're talking about. You are defending the "black" beast because you live in a mostly white area. I would LOVE to see you live in, say, the Bedstuy projects in Brooklyn, for a month. I want to see how "liberal" you are then.

Michael E. Sisco said...

Ah, the apparent failure of "no Child Left Behind" ... truly a pity.

Anonymous said...

Hm, is that all you can say, michael e. sisco? You know I'm right. Why don't you defend yourself and your beliefs? What did I say that was false? You DO know the main reason the No Child Left Behind Act was passed, right? The sub-human species to have never fully evolved known as "blacks" is the reason.

Micheal E. Sisco said...

I've always been comforted by the thought that, as nasty as John McCain's campaign has been lately, that he isn't really a racist. Now, I am not so sure.

If we are to believe the association logic brought up by the McCain-Palin ticket, then the idea that Sarah Palin, who used quotes from Westbrook Pegler (an anti-Semite in the extreme who advocated violence) is pretty telling. Peller's quote about Bobby Kennedy:

“Some white patriot of the Southern tier will spatter his spoonful of brains in public premises before the snow falls.”

Pretty scary, eh?

Read the op-ed column here: