Friday, October 31, 2008

Incredible Living History

This post is for every person of voting age in the nation who is supporting BHO. 109 year old (that's right, 109 years old) Texan Amanda Jones, a woman who was born when William McKinley was POTUS, cast her vote for BHO.

I know that I have said that I never dreamed in my lifetime that an African American would be at the precipice of the U.S. presidency, but imagine my statement from Amanda Jones' perspective. That is what is so incredible about this historical moment, the daughter of a slave in this country cast her vote for an African American for POTUS. Pure beauty. This is precisely what folks died for throughout the 20th century, so that someone like Ms. Jones and someone like myself could have this type of opportunity and exercise this basic right of U.S. citizenship.

"Barack the Vote!"

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Fiona said...

OK, dude. I barack-ed it at 6am, with Iain helping. [he wore pajamas]

Now the nail-biting begins.