Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Better Late Than Never I Suppose

Am I the only person who thinks that Obama should have released a composite of what he wanted in health insurance reform MONTHS ago? Was there something wrong with providing Congress with a rough blueprint of what the White House would have preferred be in the legislation that weaved through both houses?

I make no bones about liking the POTUS, but I think that his handling of this whole issue has been a failure. The madness of the summer, with all of these crazy people screaming to the high heavens about phantom reforms could have been tempered, perhaps, had Obama been clear about the things he really wanted.

I also think that it is unfortunate that Obama touted the public option in town hall meetings in the past, and did not bother to push for it when the GOP managed to manufacture the notion of a "government take over of health care" (bullshit at its finest). And now that there seems to be some momentum building once again for the public option, with more than 20 U.S. Senators on board, the White House is not lifting a finger to move this popular idea (don't believe the GOP talking points) forward.

And, I am all for bipartisanship in the main, but only when people who want actually to serve the nation's interest are at the table working toward solutions. Rep. John Boehner is not interested in tackling health insurance reform. Rep. Eric Cantor is not interested in tackling health insurance reform. Senate Republicans are not interested in tackling health insurance reform.

Stop pushing for bipartisanship that isn't forthcoming, and do what the majority of Americans put you in the White House, and provided you with a super majority in both house of Congress to do: PASS HEALTH INSURANCE REFORM!!!


Scott said...

Trying to learn lessons from history can suck sometimes.

I think the Obama folks (including Hillary Clinton) saw the biggest mistake in the failed attempt to reform healthcare during the Clinton Presidency was that Congress was presented with a fully crafted bill from the Administration. This tended to piss off Congresspeople of both parties who felt they had been left out of the process.

So...Obama says to Congress, hey guys, how about some healthcare reform. Why don't you guys write a bill or sumthin...? That would be swell...I mean...you know...if you feel like it...?

I think the only way anything will ever be accomplished on health care or any other damn thing will be if we abolish the filibuster.

Or abolish the whole undemocratic institution of the Senate.

hscfree said...

I think that's why I was hoping this administration would provide basic guidelines, things that Obama would like to see in a health insurance reform bill, and then ask Congress to make its sausage, but it opted for what we got over the summer, which in my mind was just as bad as having legislation handed to Congress on high as in the early 90s.

Regarding the filibuster, I hope that people are thinking long term about its demise, should Sen. Udall's proposal comes through to eliminate it. Dems will not always be in power, and once they aren't, the GOP will use the same filibuster free Senate to do its will (and the will of the top 2% of the American income earners). If everyone is really cool with that, then go for the elimination of the filibuster. Personally, I like majority rules when it comes to Congress.

Cheyevo said...

I suppose [in some circumstances] never is better than late.

I’ll respond first to your opening questions and next to this floating thought I’ve heard many left wing/ right wing, liberal/conservative Democrats/Republicans have been bouncing around.

No! You are not the only person who thinks that President Obama should have released a composite of what he wanted in health insurance reform months ago… No! Nothing is wrong with providing Congress with a rough blueprint of what the White House would have preferred to be in the legislation that weaved through both houses.

Now, does this make it better because I’ve stated a reality which supports the majority thought? No! In my personal opinion the president should not have had to be the foundation for this legislation – why? – Because both major parties have made it their beacon of recruitment. The Democrats rode this wave like a Trojan horse and have [failed] to their own hubris. The Republicans have used this as the Achilles heel of the Democrats –as the War of Terror was used as theirs – and have stood back to observed the Democrats failure in turn the Republicans [failed]. The reason both have failed is not because the POTUS did not give a blue print but rather because each side spent more time stating who could deliver the nation from this hell and that’s all. Consider, if we really became serious about health care reform then someone on the Hill would actually have to work on change – WOW what a revelation! Let’s not cause such a chain reaction so fast. Who knows what would come next – maybe withdrawal from current WOT hot spots. What is the point of it all… the economy. Our government is not in the position to handle the current operating budget if things were operating fairly decently…. so, make a lot of fuss and drag out the process just to keep the economy afloat without a conscience restriction. Health Care is not a priority because enough “Americans” have not declared injustice on the government for its terrorist attack. [My words were chosen with sense] When you position a person to chose life, suffering, or death of self, close relative, or another wile in distress; when you permit a person to reason aid at an inflated rate that leads to oppression of debt, homelessness, and cut off from unalienable rights [by the way which anyone who has ever sat in a top government seat continues to enjoy at “our” expense], then yes this is a terrorist act.

Do I think the POTUS is to blame, [get ready for my shock n awe, you might not get to see this again] No! I believe he made it clear that it was time for our nation leaders to grow up and produce what the people – their constituents and bosses – charge, wanted, and need. Do I think the POTUS could have pushed harder for results? Well yes but what president have we observed pushes when their party is the majority… So let’s call it what it is, insubordination. Look unto a house, but not the white one; look unto the house on a hill that is divided. It has failed!

Now the POTUS has intervened as a mediator… timing might not be right but the scene is. Will the people do their duty and place pressure upon their elected leaders to do what’s right in the light of the needs of their constituents?

Anywho, as I said then and continue to say – I pray yall be careful who you wishing into office for what you desire – what they said – will not be what you get – what they can do.

hscfree said...

@Cheyevo: Thanks for the comment. I think the biggest problem with our elected officials now, as opposed to in the past (though they had their problems, naturally), is that the idea of actual governance is missing. Too many folks in Washington are in it for the game of politics, or lining their pockets, and not for really doing the jobs they were elected to do. It's almost like vogueing in some ways. Politicians strike poses, and we cheer. "You betta werk Mitch McConnell," or "That was fierce Ms. Pelosi." And they congratulate themselves on the great poses. Meanwhile, we go home, having enjoyed the performace, but forget that we are empty handed.
Obama strikes me as someone who actually wants to govern, and he is in a city of posers; therefore, as you suggested, he has a tough road to hoe (and he may be striking more poses of his own that we can't quite see yet).