Thursday, February 25, 2010

Just Resign Already, Geez

Though I think he has one of the coolest speaking voices in public life, ethically challenged Rep. Charlie Rangel needs to pack his bags and roll back up that "A" train to Harlem, because DC isn't working for him. Check out these two links (here, and here), and I think a reasonable person would agree that it is time for old boy to bounce. Oh. and I hope Rangel's staff enjoys the bottom of that bus he's throwing them under.


Kweyol Observer said...

Pelosi is sticking up for him now...not sure why...she was outspoken when Delay was there with ethics issues hanging over his head. The WH may be the only ones who can force him out and they really should...he's going to be an albatross in November and the political climate is already turning against incumbents, forget an ethically challenged one.

hscfree said...

Right. The last place Pelosi wants to find herself is in a place where she is seen defending who is ethically challenged. And, it's not as though this is a new challenge for Rangel. He's been shady for a minute.