Sunday, June 27, 2010

Booeymonger Love

I don't know why, but Booeymonger crossed my mind today. From 1997 through 2001, I was at the Wisconsin Avenue "Booeys" I don't know how many times per week. It helped that I had friends who lived in a group house two blocks east down Jenifer Street; they were the ones who introduced me to the restaurant. I was particularly in love with the "Ace," "Chalet," "The Manhattan" sandwiches (and try the tortellini or fruit salads, and definitely snag cookie for dessert). But I especially loved eating breakfast out on the enclosed patio overlooking Wisconsin on Sunday mornings. There was nothing better than getting lost in the New York Times or the Washington Post while I was out on that patio. Once I moved from American University Park to Southwest DC, I didn't go as often, and by the time I moved to Logan Circle, I stopped going altogether. I had too many choices just beyond my door. But I think it's time to do another Sunday morning run to "Booeys" in the near future.

If you've never been, then there are four locations in the DC area, three of which are easily accessible via Metro. The original location is in Georgetown over on Prospect. Until I started writing this post, I didn't realize that Booeymonger is celebrating it's 35th anniversary. Congratulations! I hope this post gets new folks to check it out and old "Booey's" fans to stop by again.

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