Monday, June 7, 2010

Perhaps Now is the Time for a Graceful Exit for Helen Thomas (and Take Pat Buchanan With You, PLEASE)

I don't think that there is any doubt that journalist Helen Thomas made a terrible statement that was essentially ahistorical in content. I certainly support a two state solution in Israel, and I also think that the current leadership in the country Cheney-like in its obstinate to any suggestion that moves a peace process forward. But to say that Jews should go back to Germany, Poland and the U.S. ignores the history of the Jews in Palestine and the deadly history of Jews in Europe. Now might be time for Thomas to retire gracefully. She has had an incredible career, and has really raised the bar for women in journalism. Those are things to be proud of.

I added that Pat Buchanan should join Thomas in retiring. And I can't think of much Buchanan has said or done worth acknowledging.

UPDATE: Helen Thomas has decided to retire, according to the Washington Post.

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Anonymous said...

Pat Buchanan's absence would only open a vacuum, one which would be quickly filled by Mrs. Palin.

Being a former also-ran appears to make one both sought after and prized at Fox.

I'm just sayin'...