Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What About the Lives of those in the Gulf Coast Mr. Hayward?

Sadly, I am not surprised that the CEO of BP is whining about wanting his "life back." I just wish that he'd said that in a room full of Louisiana fishermen who are on the brink of losing their livelihood for at least a generation, if the spill projections are correct. Those folks, unlike Tony Hayward, will not get their lives back once the hole is plugged and the clean up begins. As with almost any corporate CEO, Hayward will likely be more concerned with the chlorine levels in his pool than with the lives and livelihoods that his corporation destroyed throughout the Gulf coast region. I am sure that Rand Paul sympathizes primarily with Hayward, after all, "accidents happen."

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Anonymous said...

And so continues the downward spiral of a region.

If it weren't filled with people better off living in a stadium (thank you Mrs. B. Bush for that insight), never mind the squalor, perhaps this next wave of destitution will be a slow financial strangulation of the working and middle class survivors.

Between nature, corporate plundering, and politics as usual, we will end up with a modern day dust bowl, albeit one slimed with crude oil.

I'm just sayin'...