Monday, June 7, 2010

My Summer Reading Assignment: A New Life of E. M. Forster

Every summer I try to make sure to read some new history or biography, if only to keep my mind agile. I plan to read the new biography of E.M. Forster, which got a solid review from the New York Times. The biography benefits from the release of new papers from Forster's estate, and provides us fans with a more nuanced understanding of Forster, and what motivated him to write novels, and consequently, what caused him to stop. At the close of the linked London Times article on Forster, there is a wonderful journal entry from Forster that spoke to me (though I am far from 85): "Now I am 85 how annoyed I am with society for wasting my time by making homosexuality criminal. The subterfuges and the self-consciousnesses that might have been avoided."

I think he spoke for all of us who struggled with acknowledging our sexuality, and I am glad that we have moved to a place where kids are coming out as early as middle school and demanding to be respected. I think Forster would have looked upon those young gays with awe. And I am looking forward to learning more about one of my all time favorite authors.

"Only connect!"

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