Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hip Hop Remembrances: The Good Girls

Sometimes I think that straight folks think that gays and lesbians are incapable of recognizing the beauty of the opposite sex that attracts them.  It simply isn't true, and my example is The Good Girls.  Not only was this Motown girl group pumping out hot new jack swing beats, they were also some of the most beautiful women (Shireen, Joyce and DeMonica) on the scene at that time.  If you want to know what some of the hot dances were as the 80s became the 90s, watch the video clips below.  I have to admit that I never understood why The Good Girls weren't bigger than they were.  Granted, they were not En Vogue in terms of vocal abilities, but they were a fun group, and definitely good music for a party.  I think that too many slept on these ladies.  Enjoy.

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