Monday, October 25, 2010

What Do Democrats Do When the GOP Accidentally Lets the Truth Slip Out?

So I saw this post over at Think Progress, and I watched the clip attached to the post (which I will add to this post), and I tried to read the National Journal article referenced in the post, but couldn't (it's behind a pay firewall, and I will look for the actual publication and read it).  By the time I finished the Think Progress post, the first thought that came to my mind is that the Democratic Party would be fucking fools not to run with the words Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell told report Major Garrett (formerly of Fox News, if I am not mistaken) that his "single most important" job is to make President Obama a one-term President.

If I were the head of the DNC, I would be ordering ads cut right now.  And I would be putting McConnell's words into what I believe are their proper context:  "Fuck the pain of the American people; we just want to get back into power by any means necessary."

I have tried my level best.  I hoped that there would be some things that were just so important to the United States as a country that the GOP would be willing to act in good faith with a President facing crises of near epic proportions.  But it is more clear to me now than it has ever been that the leaders of the GOP, and concomitantly an overwhelming majority of their supporters, would rather take down Barack Obama than actually try to help the American people.

I have not heard a single GOP proposal explaining how Republicans would tackle the genuinely pressing problems that we are facing as a nation (and "tax cuts" are played; try something else).  Republican sponsored amendments offered during the sausage making process are offered not to provide meaningful conservative ideas, but only to gum up the process overall.  The GOP claims that they haven't been consulted during many of these efforts, but those lies are in the gutted legislation that limps over to the President's desk, and most particularly in the legislation that never makes it to a vote in the Senate.  It's sickening.

It's at times like these when one can see exactly the true differences between the Democratic and Republican parties.  Imagine if Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi had said anything akin to that in 2007.  The world would have fucking exploded, and the GOP would have been holding the detonator with glee.  I just don't think that the Democrats have it within their DNA to go hard like the GOP, and at this point it's a shame.  It could be so simple.  They could ever stretch the truth to the break point like the GOP does regularly.

"Why is the unemployment rate stuck at 9.6%?  Because Mitch McConnell's single most important job is to defeat Obama."  You can put in almost any issue in the question portion, maintain the following sentence, and beat it into the heads of the American populace.  Or what about this:  "What is more important to the GOP, defeating President Obama in 2012, or helping the American people in 2010?"  It's a good fucking question that needs to be asked repeatedly, even to the point where our sycophantic (for GOP generated memes) political journalists might actually ask that question until we get an honest answer.

I firmly believe that there are liberal and conservative political ideas that have worth, and that would benefit our country.  That yin and yang is necessary, and it has helped to make this country the great country it is.  But I think it is downright un-American for one party uniformly to obstruct the efforts of the party that won the majorities in elections simply to help create a climate so that the out party can regain power, even at the expense of the pressing needs of the American people. 

I am more than confident that the Democratic Party will not have the courage to say anything like what I've written publicly, in front of microphones, or to its supporters.  Nope.  The Democrats "single most important" job seems to be not to piss of Republicans. 

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