Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Let it Burn, Let it Burn, Let it Burn? II

I just thought that I would provide you all the plan that the Obion County, TN fire department presented to the county recently to help expand fire service to all county residents and abandon the subscription fee.  See here.  And the Obion County has just decided to expand the subscription service.

I will say that there is this resurgence in using the term "freeloader" of late, and frankly, it's bothersome.  The man was a past subscriber, and he forgot to pay this time around.  He offered to pay whatever price, and his neighbor, a subscriber, offered to do the same.  Add to that that the fire department had put out fires for non-subscribers in the past.  I think the phrase there but for the grace of God go I could be constructive here, and I am not terribly religious.  I also think that if you think that the homeowner who lost his home deserved to lose everything, including his pets, then it doesn't really help to say that you are sorry for his loss; it doesn't really seem like it.


TC said...

Can we use "free rider" in this context since it's an economic term?

If this guy had previously paid the subscription bill but just forgot this year (which wasn't in the initial reports) it sure muddies the situation a lot more.

hscfree said...

That's fine, but that is not the term that is being bandied about from many on the right. And though I can go only on the word of the homeowner, he apparently forgot to pay this year. I think this adds weight to my overall argument that this is too simplistic a program. There aren't sufficient contingencies that will allow for something like an emergency fee, even on that has to be paid upon arrival, to prevent the actual loss of property, pets or even persons.